Monday, March 2, 2015


A Dozen Doozies:
The 2014 Baseball Season's Most Improbable Oddities

April 24:  Brett Gardner of the Yankees goes 0-for-3 against the Red Sox but scores four runs.

May 4:  The Giants sweep a series against the Braves without managing one hit with runners in scoring position.

May 18:  The Rockies turn a "retroactive" triple play when a runner is called out for interference.

June 6:  Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays hits a home run, throws out a runner at the plate, gets a putout on a fan interference call and lines into a triple play.

June 16:  On the day Tony Gwynn Sr. dies, Dee Gordon becomes the first Dodgers leadoff hitter to reach base five times since it was done three years earlier by Tony Gwynn Jr.

July 24:  The Padres score nine runs in the sixth inning against the Cubs without  an extra-base hit.

Aug. 10:  The Angels fail to record an assist, something that has happened just four other times in a nine-inning game in the modern era.

Aug. 15:  The Tigers give away Miguel Cabrera bobbleheads that read "Most Valuable Player, National League."

Aug. 27:  Scott Van Slyke of the Dodgers hits his 10th home run of the year--and the fifth off Wade Miley of the Diamondbacks.

Sept. 1:  Adam Dunn homers in his first game with a new team for the third time in his career (Nationals, White Sox, A's).

Sept. 7:  Adrian Beltre of the Rangers drives in the only run of the game in the first managerial victory for Tim Bogar--his teammate of 13 years ago.

Sept. 28:  Henderson Alvarez of the Marlins, who in 2013 threw the first no-hitter in a season finale in 29 years, is the victim of the Nationals' Jordan Zimmerman's season-finale no-hitter.  Both were 1-0 games.

 MVP (Most Valuable Publication: AthlonSports for supplying these fun facts.)

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Betcha when A-Rod and Madonna dine out, neither looks at the prices on the menu . . . Mark my words, if anyone can break The Rocket's record of seven Cy Youngs, it's Ricky Nolasco . . . Wore my football helmet to cut the lawn to see what training camp is like . . . If Yao and Yi were on the same team, would they have to share a translator? . . . Worst thing about global warming?  The Winter X Games will seem like the Fall X Games . . . Betcha dollars to dougnuts that when Roger Federer was a kid, he had a friend with a tennis court in his backyard . . . Goose Gossage is now my favorite Hall of Famer named Goose other than Goose Goslin . . . Anyone who blocks a field goal should get a free pizza . . . If Floyd Mayweather is mad at you, it's gotta cost you some sleep . . . How come when NCAA hockey teams win tourney games they don't cut off a piece of the net? . . . If I took the Bucks GM job, it would have come with a reserved parking spot and a decent health package . . . Question:  If you're in the Olympic torch relay and you need to use the john, what do you do with the torch? . . . Write it down: Jeff Suppan is going to make the good people of Milwaukee forget about Warren Spahn . . . Sometimes when I see Nicky Saban screaming at someone on TV, I think he's yelling at me!

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